BizGirls Survival Challenge - 3 Day
Three Day Challenge: Brainstorm Your Blog

Game Design & Development
Creating Games: UE4 Workshop 1
Creating Games: UE4 Workshop 2
Creating Games: UE4 Workshop 3
Beginners Autodesk Maya Tutorials 1 - 5    
Beginners Autodesk Maya 6 - 10    
Beginners Autodesk Maya 11 - 15    
Autodesk Maya Full Project Wine Glass    
Blender 3D 1 - 5    

Social Media Marketing & Management
Business Instagram                                                                                      
Build a Social Media Package with Me from the Ground Up

Make Money Online Selling POD Products
Selling on Society 6                                                                           
Create an Amazon Store Page
Make Money Selling POD Products

Film, Video, Motion Graphics, Photography
Adobe After Effects Super Simple Animation                                                                    
Creating a Professional Book Trailer
Photography: Making Money
No Cost Professional Video Editing    

Writing and Selling E-Books
How to Write an E-Book in 10 Days                                                              
Creating a Professional Book Trailer

Personal Development
Dealing with Unsupportive Family in Business
How to stop impostor Mindset
Tricks to Stop Procrastination
Women Managing Anxiety in Business    

Marketing Small Business
Creating Free Funnels Using Mailerlite
Analytics - Improving your visibility
 Digital Storytelling    

Online Courses: Preparing and Teaching Online
Make Moodle Look Great                                                                                      
Preparing Online College Courses
Successful Course Launch