Beginners Autodesk Maya Tutorials 1 - 5

Beginners Autodesk Maya Tutorials 1 - 5

This is the first group of tutorials in Autodesk Maya that teaches the student how to begin thinking about polygon modeling. Students will build an object in each one of the tutorials, modeling simpler to more complex as the tutorials progress. The tutorials will also cover modeling using curves and a basic camera turnaround used for presenting portfolio work. This workshop will cover about a 3 hour, college level class.

If you have no idea how to start learning Maya, then this workshop is for you.  

This book for Absolute Beginners will give you a good, quick start in Autodesk Maya.  

You can use versions 2018 to the present 2020 version.

First Lessons covers the interface, navigation, how to begin modeling shapes. 

You will learn to model from a simple reference image of a chess king

You will model the chess queen using another method

Learn how to make a 360 turn-around by learning how to animate a camera. 

You will learn:
  • The different editing modes in modeling
  • How to set up a project
  • How to set up an image plane
  • How to create all shapes using polygons
  • How to model using curves

You can get a free education version of the software that lasts about 3 years if you have an .edu email address:

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