Beginners Autodesk Maya 6 - 10 Mini Workshop

Beginners Autodesk Maya 6 - 10

This is the second group of tutorials in Autodesk Maya that moves on to simple, but more complex modeling. This will also cover how to set up for modeling to real-world scale in addition to measuring topics. A backdrop will be modeled.

If you have no idea how to start learning Maya, then this workshop is for you.  

This book for Absolute Beginners will give you a good, quick start in Autodesk Maya.  

You can use versions 2018 to the present 2020 version.

First Lessons covers the interface, navigation, how to begin modeling shapes. 

You will model a real world scale coffee mug

Learn how to make a 360 turn-around by learning how to animate a camera. 

You will learn:
  • Why modeling to real world scale is so important
  • How to model to real world scale
  • How to add image planes

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