5 Stress Free After Effects Tutorials for Beginners - Mini Workshop

5 Stress Free After Effects Tutorials for Beginners

If you shake in your boots at the thought of opening After Effects, then this course is for you. The five tutorials focus on super simple, super easy tutorials that help you to learn the different parts of the interface. If you’ve ever done anything in After Effects, this course is not for you. The course is for Absolute Beginners.

After this course, students will understand the basics of setting keyframes, how to move text across the screen, how to change a pivot point and hinge text. Fear no more. If you have opened Adobe after effects only to close the program because you had no clue where to start, check out this absolute beginner workshop for super simple animation.  You'll be glad you did. This workshop will teach you where to begin. Everything is hands on and you are guided through each step.

This mini workshop covers five of the basic building blocks for kinetic motion typography animations.

  • Interface Scale
  • Horizontal and vertical text animation
  • Hinge animation
  • Typewriter text animation
  • Swinging text animation